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Thin Client DT-HM3U  
DOTWAY launched a new model DT-HM3U Representing the most advanced network computing technology in the world.
• 3 USB ports
• Local printer supported (Driver Free)
• 16bits color depth supported
• Resolution up to 1440X900.
• Stereo audio input and output

DOTWAY M-Series connect to the internet through many standard TCP/ IP protocols, and make many users sharing simultaneously one standard PC come true. This can help the customers save the total cost of ownership. DOTWAY M-series can be suitable to use in Enterprises, schools, train centers and all various environments. You can use the internet wire line to connect the terminal and the standard PC. You also can use HUB, Switch hub, or Router to connect them or even through the internet.
M-Series Benefits
  • Supports Window 7, VISTA, Windows 2008, Windows XP PRO, Windows Server 2003, Linux
  • Share one PC with at least 20 users.
  • Dramatically reduce the capital cost and electricity consumptions.
  • Supports the output audio speaker and have the perfect voice effect.
  • Easy to set up, maintain, and secure.
  • Supports USB mouse, keyboard, USB disc, barcode scanner, etc.
  • Have options for Microphone and resolution up to 1440X900.
Characteristics of DOTWAY M-Series:
1. Free to maintain

All the programs run on the standard PC, and the terminal just need to show the display and output and input datas. Therefore, when the operating systems update, you no need to update and maintain the terminals.

2. High Compatibility

Almost applications in the standard PC can run on the terminal, and you also no need to do any modification of the terminal.

3. Noninterference each other user

The standard PC and the terminal can work independently, and they will not influence each other even they work in the same application.

4. Fine Smart Design

Only one book size design outlook only occupy little space in the office, and we also design the metal bracket to hang it back on the display screen monitor.

5. Energy Efficiency

Compared with the standard PC 250W electricity consumptions, 5W for the terminal can help to save great energy.

6. Noisy Working Environment

DOTWAY is no need CPU cooler, and then you can have the quiet working environment.

7. High Security

We adopt 128bit to make sure the security for the data of the user when transport through internet.

8. Other

Except the attached NetPoint, DOTWAY adopts RDP Protocol, which makes the terminals more easily to support both Windows and Linux.

Advantages Compare:


Standard PC

DOTWAY M-series


(1) One computer for one user
a minimum of 230 watts power consumption
(3) costly replacement or upgrade of parts

(1) Maximum 40 units of DOTWAY M-Series can be connected to a standard PC, 41 users in total (including the host PC)
(2) Only 5 watts power consumption
(3) No need of hardware update for DOTWAY terminals


Need to be carried out on each individual computer.

Only to be carried out on the host PC, highly effective.


Huge amount of heat generation, fan noises

No noise, least heat generation, offering clean , quiet and pleasant working environment


Not applicable

Small and light, can be taken to anywhere and connected to host PC wherever internet connection is available.

Note: This product is intended to reduce H/W deployment and maintenance costs.  Additional software licenses may be required by the software licensors. Please check your software user license agreement to ensure your continued compliance with such agreement.  

Product Specifications:
  • Power: INPUT AC110V ~ AC240V 50/60 Hz, OUTPUT DC 5V/ 2A
  • Size: 180mm(W) x 32mm(H) x 130mm(D)
  • Net Weight: 280g
  • Port: DC Power Jack, Speaker & Microphone Jack (option), PS2 Keyboard Port, PS2 Mouse Port, Ethernet (RJ- 45) Port, Video Monitor Port, 3 USB Ports.
  • Protocol: NETPOINT, RDP
  • Supported OS: Windows 7, VISTA, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2008, Windows Server 2003, LINUX

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